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11 May 2020
Heritage plate '488'

Some 3 digit heritage plates are worth more than others. For example nice round numbers like 100, 200, 300 etc will always attract a big premium. Plates with three of the same number are often referred to as repeating triples, which are also highly sought after. The ‘ 488 ’ plate was always a nice plate, but when prestige automotive brand Ferrari released the (488 GTB) and track ready version (488 Pista) instantly the plates became more valuable & desirable. Pictured above is no ordinary Q plate, this is a specially made enamel heritage plate. All heritage plates are coated with rich black and white gloss enamel. The plate is then oven-baked to create a high gloss and durable finish.

They are rich in history and if kept in good condition, would drive a high resale price for collectors or enthusiasts.