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PPQ Prestige Plates

29 Jun 2020
PPQ Prestige Plates

People purchasing a prestige plate have two options of make, a Flexi or framed.

Framed: Manufactured with an (aluminium frame) supplied with bracket (unsuitable for curved bumpers).                                                                                                                               

Flexi Plates: Manufactured from a (flexible acrylic) without a frame or bracket. (suitable for curved bumpers). 

People also have a choice of preferred style of material, popular designs include; brushed metal, carbon fibre, checker & flexi. PPQ Prestige Plates retail cost varies from their range; $1,195 - $5000 

Because one extra character is more powerful than you think, drivers are able to express themselves & take their message’s the extra mile with a plate that offers the most flexibility and represents success and authenticity.

7 letter prestige plates are quite valuable and sought after with pretty much all 7-character combinations being already registered or taken. Now a large pool of abbreviated plates trying to achieve a similar message, ultimately increasing value for all the 7 character plates with the correct spelling.