Personalised plates ACT

Anyone who has owned a car knows that it's near impossible to own a completely original car. There's only a limited amount of models and colours available on the market. By customising your car with a personalised plate, you can make it stand out from others of the same model and colour and make it really unique. While buying a custom plate sounds great in theory, the reality is that many of the most desired words or numbers are already taken. A number plate is used for official identification purposes so everyone must be different. Because custom number plates have been out for years, it can be slim pickings when it comes to the options still available. That's where Plate Sales can help. We are a marketplace that sells highly sought-after plates that are already purchased.

Our range of ACT plates

We have a large range of number plates available that are already registered in the ACT. Varieties include different wording, colours and styles. Plate Sales in a number plate market place, so the offerings are constantly updated. Very sought-after plates tend to be snapped up very quickly, too. So it's a good idea to constantly check back to see if your dream number plate pops up. If you know that you'd like a plate that reflects your car properly, but aren't exactly sure what you'd like it say, you can also browse this section to see if anything grabs your attention. *Dev to place this above the plates*

How much do personalised number plates cost in the Australian Capital Territory?

Personalised plates start from $466 and this payment is a one-off fee, unlike some other states that charge annual fees for the registration of a plate. However, do keep in mind that plates can sell for a lot more than the starter price. The more sought after a plate, the higher the cost will generally be. This means plates that have different colours and styles along with suitable words, tend to have a higher price point.

If I sell my car, can I keep the personalised plate?

Yes, when you purchase custom plates, you can keep them even if you transfer cars. In order to retain the plates, you'll need to lodge a form before you sell the car. You'll also need to get some normal new plates to replace your custom plates before selling the vehicle. These can be obtained from the department of transport for a small fee.

Are there any rules about what you can have on your ACT number plate?

Yes, all the states of Australia have rules determining what isn't allowed on the number plates. Like other states, the ACT government doesn't allow offensive, defamatory or sexually explicit words to feature on personalised plates. If you're concerned that your number plates may fall into this category, you can check with the department of transport about whether your plates are suitable before purchasing them.