Personalised plates NSW

Have you spent a lot of your time, effort and money and found your perfect car only to have a batch of random numbers showing on the car plates? Why settle for a standard plate when you could adorn your pride and joy with custom plates that really show off your car's personality or vibe? Many people assume that it's a lengthy and expensive process legally getting personalised plates equipped on a car, but this isn't the case. We've helped thousands of customers transition from boring old numeral-only platers to unique personalised plates quickly and easily. We can help you find the perfect prestige plates, and point you in the right direction on how to legally place them on your car.

Our range of New South Wales plates

When it comes to personalised plates, there are so many different options - you can change the wording, background colour, number, positioning of certain aspects and even the background picture. Rather than going through the rigmarole of checking availability and designing new plates from scratch, we have plenty of custom plates that are ready to go and make the process a lot easier. Plate Sales offers some of the most sought-after personalised plates in New South Wales. Check out the range of plates currently for sale below. *brief line of text summing up the range of plates on offer* *Dev to place this above the plates*

How much do personalised number plates cost in New South Wales?

The price of completely personalised plates entirely depends on their design. Personalised plates and custom plates vary in the sense that the former means selecting your own wording, while the latter has no set format - so you can be more creative with colours and length. In New South Wales, custom plates for your vehicle start from $100 per year, while custom plates start from an annual fee of $450. However, there can only be one version of a particular plate, so when a popular word or phrase is snapped up, it can sell for much more than the original purchase (much like a website domain).

If I sell my car, can I keep the plates?

Yes, when you buy personalised plates or custom plates, they become yours for life (or until you sell them). You can transfer these plates to a new vehicle but filling out a form at the Transport for NSW service centre. When you got your special plates, your old plates were probably cancelled. So, you'll need to get some new standard-issue plates before transferring ownership of your car.

Are there any rules about what you can have on your NSW personalised plate?

Yes, plates that are morally questionable are usually declined in New South Wales. This includes plates of “religious, violent, explicit or sexual nature” as well as those featuring“offensive language. To determine whether the plate you're interested in is acceptable by the state's rules, you should contact the NSW licensing centre here.