Personalised Plates NT

Your car is probably an important part of your life, so why not give it an identity that suits it through the use of a personalised number plate. Trade in the mumble-jumble of random numbers that are probably currently on the number plate, for something that actually represents your car properly. Custom plates can help motor vehicles really stand out. Every single number plate is one-of-a-kind, even personalised plates. A number plate is used for official identification purposes, so no two can be the same. Because custom plates came out decades ago, many of the good words or numbers are already snatched up. This is where Plate Sales come in. Plate Sales is an online marketplace that sells personalised plates that have already been purchased. This allows customers to get their hands on highly valuable number plates for their motor vehicles.

Our range of Northern Territory plates

Our range of Northern Territory plates show plates that are registered in the Northern Territory and are available for purchase. All number plates are one-of-a-kind, so there is only a quick chance to get the number plate and when they're sold they are removed from the website. The plates on offer are constantly updated with new options, check back often so you don't miss any exciting new personalised plates that will be snapped up quickly *Dev to place this above the plates*

How much do personalised number plates cost in the Northern Territory?

The cost of an application for a personalised plate in the Northern Territory is $256, however, this fee is separate from the purchase price of the plate itself. The price of the actual plate will vary depending on the style and colour it is, as well as how in demand the word on the number plate is. All of the number plates for sale on our website and clearly marked with the price - along with a picture of the plate itself - so it's easy to assess the costs of the plate itself. To find out more details about fees or charges that are incurred to have the number plate on your motor vehicle, you should contact the department of transport.

If I sell my car, can I keep the personalised number plate?

Yes, when you purchase a plate the combination of letters or numbers belongs to you and you can transfer the same plate to a different car. You will need to submit an application to transfer the plate before you officially sell the car. You'll also need to get a new number plate for the car you're selling, which can be bought for a small fee at the motor vehicle registry.

Are there any rules about what you can have on your NT personalised number plate?

Yes, like other states the NT Government won't allow discriminatory or sexually explicit words on a number plate. If you're concerned your plate may fall into this category, you can check with the motor vehicle registry for more information on whether it's acceptable. You can find their contact details here.