Personalised plates SA

Are you located in South Australia and are looking for custom plates? Then you've come to the right place! We offer a range of premium plates that can equip both the rear and front of your motor vehicle or other vehicle. In fact, special plates aren't only available for motor vehicles. You can also have customer plates on a motorcycle, a trailer, or a bicycle rack. Trailers and bicycle racks only require a single rear number plate whereas motor vehicles or motorbikes must have plates on their front and rear. Plate Sales is a marketplace that allows buyers to secure plates that have already been taken. Personalised plates have been around for decades, meaning a lot of the best words or numbering has already been snagged. Because a number plate is an official identifier, no two plates can be the same. So,once a word is taken, it's impossible for anyone else to get it on their plates. We help drivers secure their dream plates by offering those one-of-a-kind plates that have already been assigned.

Our range of SA plates

We have a large range of special number plates for sale in South Australia. These plates come in pairs, so that they can be attached to the front and rear of your motor vehicle. Secure yourself some highly sought-after personalised number plate from our options below. *brief line of text summing up the range of plates on offer* *Dev to place this above the plates*

How much do personalised number plates cost in South Australia?

The fee for having custom plates in South Australia starts from $200 a year. You'll also need to factor in the initial cost of buying the plates. An online market place is the only way to get your hands on many number plates that feature iconic or popular words, which have already been assigned. The more in demand these words are, the more the plates will tend to cost. You can browse through all of our listings that have the prices clearly stated, allowing you to find your dream number plates, while still keeping your budget in mind.

If I sell my motor vehicle, can I keep the plates?

Yes, when someone pays for customer number plates, they own the plate number or characters and area able to change them from one motor vehicle to another. However, to do so, the owner will need to lodge a form at the customer service centre located at the department of transport. If a car is sold without removing the custom plate, the ownership of the number plate will automatically be transferred to the new owner of the car. To ensure that you retain your special plates, make sure you lodge the form. You'll also need to acquire some new plates for the car you're selling, which will have a number allocated automatically.

Are there any rules about what you can have on your number plate in South Australia?

Yes, infact in South Australia there are number plate laws that require you to get a personalised number plate agreement before ordering the plates, meaning that the plates will need to be approved prior. Like other states, South Australia tends to reject number plate agreement applications for plates with offensive or discriminatory connotations.