Personalised plates VIC

Every car in Australia legally needs to display a number plate. So, instead of displaying a batch of random numbers, why not equip your vehicle with something cool? Custom number plates certainly aren't a new thing, they've been around for decades. And, because each number plate is an identifying tool, no two plates can be the same. This means that a lot of the most popular words were snapped up long ago, and car owners aren't able to snag their dream plate. Until now. Plates Sales is a market place where buyers can get their hands on special number plates. The words on these plates were normally secured years ago, and are the only way that drivers can get the specific lettering or numbering.

Our range of VIC plates

Our website is jam-packed full of options for custom plates that are for sale in Victoria. Purchasing a plate here will allow you to be the proud owner of unusual personalised plates, and will leave your mates wondering how on earth you got your hands on such a cool word for your custom number plates. There's currently a bunch of awesome words available, as well as special personalised plates for your vehicle that features the model numbers of prestige cars, for example, the 'P51' plate designed for the P-51 Mustang and featuring a black background. *Dev to place this above the plates*

How much do custom number plates cost in Victoria?

In Victoria, custom number plates start from $185. However, when buying a sought-after plate you'll be paying for the opportunity to own personalised plates with special words. Usually, the more in demand a word is, the more expensive the plates will be. Our website clearly states the price of each plate, helping you to find the perfect plate while sticking to a budget. You'll also need to check with the department of transport about any annual fees that may apply.

If I sell my car, can I keep the custom plates?

Yes, when you purchase custom number plates, you're the owner of the lettering that features on the plates. If you're planning on selling your car, but want to keep the number plates and put them on your next car, then this is fine. You'll just have to ensure you fill out a form at the department of transport to transfer them over. You'll also need to purchase some new number plates to put on the vehicle you're selling, these should only cost a small amount and the number will be generated automatically.

Are there any rules about what you can have on your VIC custom number plate?

Yes, the transport of Victoria has the ability to recall custom number plates if they deem them offensive. Generally, plates that suggest sexual or discriminatory connotations are banned. For more information about what is and isn't allowed, contact your departmentnt of trnsport.