6 figure Signature plate "FU" @9news - would you pay 100k for a personalised number plate ?

03 Jan 2024
6 figure Signature plate "FU" @9news - would you pay 100k for a personalised number plate ?


A personalised number plate with the two letters 'FU' is one of the most sought after combinations of signature plates.

PlateSales.com has listed the black and gold plate, and expects to sell it for $100k plus.

The current plate owner, who goes by the name of Johnny, is a car enthusiast and plate collector.

“I remember vividly when the Victorian Government introduced ‘two-letter’ Signature Plates. My brother and I headed down to the registry office to buy up plates with our own initials. They were $4000 each,” Johnny said.

Johnny says that while they were there, they decided to buy a few more, including the ‘FU’ plate.

PlateSales.com  attracts some of the most unique / valuable plates in the Australian market.

CREDIA personalised number plate with the two letters 'FU' is apparently one of the most sought after combinations of two-letter plates – we'll let you figure out why – and it's on the marke

The allure of Two-Character Plates extends beyond personal preference; enthusiasts and collectors engage in high-stakes battles for ownership.Two-Character Plates are more than just combinations of letters and numbers, they are storytellers cruising along the asphalt canvas. They encapsulate the narratives of their owners, from businesses to love stories, showcasing the diversity of passions and connections that weave through the highways and byways of Australia. These plates transcend their utilitarian purpose, transforming vehicles into moving tales of individuality.

Australia's automotive landscape, where every vehicle tells a unique story, a special category of license plates stands out Two-Character Plates. These distinctive plates are not just functional identifiers; they are expressions of individuality, statements of elegance, and symbols of exclusivity. Join us as we delve into the world of Signature Plates and Two-Character Plates, exploring the allure that makes them coveted treasures on the roads of Australia.

Two-Character Plates, with their minimalist design, embody the essence of elegance. The simplicity of having only two characters forces a distillation of identity into a concise yet powerful statement. In Australia personalised / custom plates are the epitome of personalization and sophistication. These plates transcend the ordinary, allowing individuals to craft a unique representation of their identity on the open road. The options for customization are endless, from personalized initials to creative combinations that reflect passions, professions, or sentimental connections. Each Signature Plate is a rolling piece of art, transforming every vehicle into a symbol of its owner's distinct taste and style.

In the realm of license plates, few things exude exclusivity like the coveted Two-Character Plates. With only two characters to convey a message or identity, these plates are minimalist masterpieces that capture attention effortlessly. The scarcity of options—only 676 possible combinations—makes Two-Character Plates a rare and sought-after commodity. Owners of these plates aren't just drivers; they are custodians of a limited edition, a unique alphanumeric code that sets them apart in the crowd.

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