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08 May 2020

The RS3 "CURS3D" looks aggressive enough to suggest it’s more than an ordinary four-door. A clever personalised plate ‘CURS3D’ not only suits its wicked 5pot personality but also has ‘RS3’ within the plate combination. Behind the wheel, the littlest RS sedan creates much joy thanks to its playful agility and willingness to be driven hard. Who would have thought that such tremendous power and performance can come in tiny packages. Behind its intake-heavy facade sits a 400-hp turbocharged five-cylinder engine that feeds a snappy automatic transmission and a proficient all-wheel-drive system. This unit delivers rapid acceleration that is backed by a joyfully unique exhaust note. While its back seat is small and its price tag is large, the Audi RS3 primarily exists to entertain drivers who are more focused on thrills than bills.