Deemed "Offensive" personalised plate cancelled. @7News

28 Jun 2020
Deemed "Offensive" personalised plate cancelled. @7News

After ten years without a problem a Melbourne man has had his personalised registration plates cancelled. They spell out the word “weapon” and Vic roads has now decided its ‘offensive’.  - 9News

Perter Hanson’s Torana has made a name for itself amongst car lovers, personalised plate ‘WEPN’ has been featured at dozens of legal drag racing events. – 9News

It’s not an aggressive name, it’s not a name to insight anything, it is literally the name of the vehicle. – Plate owner

He’s had the plates for 10years and they’ve never been a problem. – 9News

I’ve been pulled over by the police to checkout my vehicle and they’ve told how nice of a car I have. But there are never any hoon fines, no skids, nothing. – Plate owner

But out of the blue, Vic Roads have cancelled the plates declaring there are ‘offensive’.  - 9News

Nobody at Vic Roads was prepared to be interviewed after the cancellation, instead they released a statement which in part said they reserve the right to recall rego plates including those that reference violence.  – 9News

Mr Hanson says its not just unfair, it will cost him money devaluing the well-known car and he’s going to fight the decision. – 9News

They belong to me, they are my memories, I made the name and I will keep them. – Plate owner