Good investment or bad investment ? @9News (custom plates)

11 Feb 2020
Good investment or bad investment ? @9News (custom plates)

 Introduced back in 1921 licence plates were white & maroon and completely standardised. Now personalised plates are a booming business so much so they are considered investment pieces and a little creativity can make you some real cash.  -9News

Once a simple form of registration, number plates are now the ultimate accessory for your car. Be it a word, business name, catch phrase or a simple combination of favourite letters & numbers. Personalised plates have become a hot commodity, a collectible.  -9News

Alborz Fallah has spent $30,000 on 7 personalised plates, 3 of which are now up for sale on   -9News

Alborz: “I bought my first plate back in 2009 and it was the combination “STOP ME” which still embarrasses me but I still love them”

New personalised plates range in price from $200 up to several thousand, but how do you Guarantee a return on investment. Experts say a popular word spelt correctly without abbreviation could be worth over $10,000.  Plates using only numbers are considered collectibles and topics based around current events could earn you cash.  -9News

Once you buy a personalised plate you then own the rights to that specific combination for life or until sold. The department of transport has a limit (cap) on the amount of characters you can use to display as a plate. With majority of character combinations unavailable (taken) they become highly sought-after & people are looking for innovative ways to create a plate of value.   

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