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14 Feb 2020
JAGUAR XJ220 1/282 🌏

Plates that represent a car model is a safe way to guarantee a return on investment, if spelled correctly & depending on the specific car. Typically with a High-end car it will drive a higher price tag when it comes to the plates. Fortunately for this owner he has a very special car to match his unique set of plates, It’s a winner.

Jaguar has a rich motorsport heritage, so when the time came during the 1980’s to build a road car to celebrate this, it needed to be something special. The Jaguar XJ220 began as a classic ‘after hours project’ by engineers and designers who thought that there was a bit of a gap between the current road car offerings and what was being raced. The XJ220 concept was finished in the early hours of 18 October 1998 – that very day the car was showcased at the British International motor show. The Jaguar XJ220 was named in a similar fashion to the legendary Jaguar XK120 – the 220 in its name relates to the cars intended top speed of 220mph. When revealed to the public during the International motor show the Jaguar XJ220 Immediately became a star attraction. Jaguar had absolutely no intention of selling the XJ220, but when a number of enthusiasts presented bank cheques, attitudes changed. The flagship Jaguar might have faced an up-hill battle when brand new, but today the car is a cult classic. Retrospective Road tests highlight that the XJ220 is an incredible piece of engineering. Its rarity, historical relevance and troubled past all make the XJ220 a collector’s car.