JDM style plates

12 Mar 2020
JDM style plates

For most people, JDM cars are often a guilty pleasure.

Having an iconic car with such a legendary heritage, it’s not easy trying to find the right number plate that would give it an authentic look and feel.  JDM style plates can now represent the personality, expression for JDM cars & Japanese culture in general. This style features Japanese writing script. The Japanese translation for Victoria is written across the top of the plate with ‘Victoria’ in English centred across the bottom. This design allows up to six characters & manufactured as authentic Japanese plate size’s so they will fit nicely into your Japanese Import’s factory number plate spacing / location. JDM vehicles in Australia are large in numbers with owners becoming very creative with their number plate combinations.

Size: Standard - 330mm (w) x 165mm (h)

 JDM - ‘Japan's Domestic Market’ are cars that are made in Japan and then are exported only to a few lucky countries around the world. The JDM market has given us some of the greatest cars we will see in our lifetimes. Some like the Nissan S15, have never made it to the shores of the United States, others have been slightly modified to make them legal for importation. Australia is home to a large market of Jdm cars, showcasing their unique builds/modifications at automotive events, motor shows & car meets. 

Each JDM manufacturer has their own unique characteristics that have earned them a cult following. Nissan is known for cars that can easily be tuned to reach mind-boggling speeds. Most people who are JDM fans will remember when the Nissan Skyline R32 performed the biggest upset in motorsport history, winning the Australian Bathurst 1000 in both 1991 and 1992, and forcing rule changes which prevented Nissan from competing in the race for another 27 years.