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16 Feb 2020

The Mercedes E63 AMG & Lamborghini Aventador S  both featured along-side each other in the QLD PL8Sales launch video. This controversial picture has captivated people in a strong discussion point between rivals.

(LAMBO KLR) Mercedes E63 boasts it’s impressive power, from the engine-firing ‘whumpf’ to the thrill past 7000rpm and the cannon-fire exhaust when changing gears under full throttle. The E63 AMG also includes a sophisticated launch control system in addition to all wheel drive making it a certified weapon from a dig. The 5.5litre twin-turbo V8 continues to be an experience beyond numbers.

(V12 BULL) Lamborghini Aventador S  has a 740hp naturally aspirated V12 engine, designed with the most sophisticated technology available in LDVI (Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo Attiva, Lamborghini Active Vehicle Dynamics). The removable roof ‘Roadster’ highlights the adventurous spirit with its mix of design & performance. The 6.5litre naturally aspirated V12 doesn’t just generate a incredible sound, it’s the ultimate modern day supercar.  

Who wins? You decide!