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25 Aug 2020


Introducing the Ferrari F8 Tributo, a brand-new mid-rear-engined sports car produced from Italy.              

“The F8 Tributo represents the highest expression of the prancing horse’s classic two-seater” - Ferrari

The Ferrari F8 has unique characteristics and the most powerful V8 to date. The custom plates it proudly wears does not only compliment the overall aesthetics of the car but also has a clever use of word play signifying a double meaning My F8 – My Fate. Plates that represent a specific car model is alluring enough but when it comes to Italian giants Ferrari, having personalised plates displaying the specific car model it becomes very desirable. Limited in numbers and in high demand, the F8 Tributo may have small pool for re-sale which could in turn make the custom plates even more valuable considering the circumstances.

These particular personalised number plates would be the perfect addition to any Ferarri F8 owner.  To enquire further, click here