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15 Sep 2019
Naturally Aspirated V8

I am a proud owner of a few personalised plates, One in particular that I don’t mind sharing which I just recently bought & received from PPQ. Drum roll please…  “NA V8” when I realised my desired combination was available for purchase, I couldn’t enter my credit card details fast enough. I jumped on this plate as I saw it as an opportunity. This particular plate is a prestige flexi that cost me $2,395. For those not familiar with meaning of this particular plate, It stands for “Naturally Aspirated” this unique engine is about to skyrocket In value. With the predicted automotive market future, mostly consisting of hybrid & electric cars I didn’t feel guilty buying the plate because I knew one day it would be an investment. This Unique number plate represents one of the best sounding engines commonly found in the 458 Ferrari, HSV R8, Ford GT just to name a few. I am the proud owner of the plate “NA V8” that’s yet to find its real home.