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15 Sep 2019
One Life - Una Vita

I was never a fan of Personalised plates, until I found my perfect combination! I wanted a combination that represented my Italian heritage & had real meaning to my life mantra… Life is for Living! UNA VITA = ONE LIFE summarises me to a T… We only get one life, so enjoy the fruits of our labour. I bought my personalised plates brand new in 2018, not even having a car to put them on… Fast forward 6months & my husband bought his very first Ferrari 488, discussions were had at the dinner table about what plate would suit? The obvious choice of plate was mine.  So reluctantly I gave them to my husband to borrow short term. I have happily reclaimed my UNA VITA plates for my new Mercedes Benz AMG GTC. Maybe one day I can attach to my dream car, as I feel that UNAVITA would be best suited to a Ferrari - as a once in a lifetime car. I believe that everything is for sale  for the right price, however I would prefer the plates stay in the family for the future generations to enjoy.