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12 Feb 2020
Six-figure license plate @9News

Many large media outlets have featured PL8Sales a number of times before, however this particular segment involves a controversial number plate @9News

Paying six-figures for a number plate is becoming all too common for collectors, but what about one that reads “FU”  It’s Melbourne owner is banking on a hidden meaning to deliver a big pay day.  -9News

Owner: “I think it’s a real statement plate, I’d be surprised if there’s any other plate more controversial than this one that could turn more heads”. 

FU numberplates cost the tech entrepreneur $4000 at the time. But they have stayed in their case along with a keychain & certificate of authenticity ever since. A decade later they are up for sale on with a six-figure price tag.  -9News

In Chinese “FU” is the meaning of happiness, fortune and good luck.  -9News

Owner: “No matter what car it ends up on whether it be Toyota Corolla or Lamborghini it’s going to turn heads”

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