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13 Jul 2021
The Most Expensive Number Plate Ever Sold!

– The Price and Story Behind the Plate

It's expensive to own a car in Australia. Between the registration, insurance and fuel costs, it all adds up becoming a rather large purchase. But there are some other things about owning a car that most people may be unaware about. One of those things can be the astronomical price some personalised number plates sell for.. & some number plates are a lot more expensive than others.


During the year 2017 at Shannons Sydney Winter Classic Auction in which a Chinese-Australian business magnate bought the rare '4' NSW heritage plate in front of a cheering crowd of 300 people. 


The price it sold for? An eye-watering 2.45 million dollars! 


Peter Tseng, arrived in a Ferrari 458 Italia bearing the '2' NSW heritage plate to the auction so you know he meant business.


The bidding for the '4' plate began at a staggering $1 million and quickly went up in increments of $100,000 to finally reach its resting and sale price of $2.45 million.


It was reported that Tseng and an anonymous individual had a battle back and forth for the prestigious plate. After a bidding war, Tseng raised his hand at the $1.35 million mark and did not stop until he came up victorious.


And that's the most expensive plate sold so far in Australia and the owner behind it but it's not hard to see why the owner Peter Tseng thought he had a good investment - luxury plates are one of the fastest growing segments in Australian automotive accessories. 


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