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15 Sep 2020
Turbo V8 Beast, Feat. BOSS 4X4

Aussies love their 4X4’s and it’s easy to understand why. The Australian terrain offers all sorts of 4x4 tracks and challenging trails to explore. Weather it be up a mountain, through the forest or simply on the beach, the popular 4x4 allows for a great escape.The shear amount of attachments and modifications made for the 4x4 industry is crazy. People often think purchasing a luxury sports car is expensive, yet people spend hefty amounts of money not just to purchase a 4x4 but to maintain it & then to modify from stock, now that’s an expensive hobby. We as casual civilians on the road would be surprised to know the amount of 4X4’s well worth over $100k + (including mods) that are spotted daily driving alongside us. Australia being host to one of the largest 4x4 markets, it would make sense that the personalised plate (BOSS 4X4) would be more valuable / desirable than ever, a simple case of -Supply & Demand.