Why have personalised plates?

30 Oct 2019
Why have personalised plates?

There’s nothing more exciting and important after custom building your dream car than deciding on the plates it will wear.  This is an important decision, as the plates, as small as they are, draw attention and finish the overall presentation.  It’s also an opportunity to show off your personality and add some flair with creativity and humour.

Sure you could tell everyone that you are driving a FERRARI or a 4x4 incase they missed the badges already but why not get creative?  You can blend a subtle part of your career, your identity or your disposition.  For example if you are a poker champion, sure you could just use POKER, but why not show them why you’re the champ but choosing POKR FCE our MR COOL.  Oh, so you’re a brain surgeon, you could choose BRAIN, but ANURYSM sounds so much cooler and will have people wondering if you are in a heavy metal band instead.  Maybe your new toy is your ultimate childhood dream and is the culmination of many decades of hard work, sacrifice and determination.  Maybe FINALLY, DESERVD, EARNT IT, COURAGE , HRD YAKA, VIKTORY, CONQUER or SO PROUD tell the world how you’re feeling.
But no matter what you choose, have fun with it and make it a reflection of your personality and your connection to the car.

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