How will buyers contact me?

Buyers will contact you using the in-built PlateSales messaging system. Each time you receive a message you will be notified by email, so make sure your profile is up to date.

To access your messages:

1.  Login to your PlateSales account

2.    Click your profile and scroll for messages

3.    Click to view

Any replies are sent instantly to the buyer.


How do I get my ad featured on the home page?

The PlateSales homepage receives the most visitors out of any page on the website, so listings appearing here have the best exposure. (Premium) listings are shown to buyers by default, meaning they are on top with the greatest views and clicks.

If you are about to list your plates and want the maximum exposure, be sure to select ‘Premium’ listing. If you have an existing listing, and want to upgrade on the homepage, consider Re-listing / upgrading.


How can I attract more potential buyers — for free?


Although PlateSales attracts a number-plate enthusiasts every month, it would be wise to leverage and create some extra buzz about your personalised plates.

Here are a few ways to promote your number plates, completely free.

1.    When creating your PlateSales listing, Include a detailed description of your plates, giving people some perspective of why first bought the plate & the potential of value the plate might have.

2.    Copy and paste the listings URL to Facebook pages. If your friends share it with their friends, that's potentially thousands of people looking at your plates.

3.    If you have a Twitter account, tweet your PlateSales link to the world.

4.    Remember those countless forums you read about modifying your pride and joy? They are great places to post a link to your PlateSales listing.

What are my number plates worth?

Number plates are subjective / speculative and therefore we do not make 100% accurate valuations.

Please take a look through our recent Sold listings to get an idea of prices.

If you are still unsure, you may set your asking price to 'Offers’ when creating your listing.

Where can I find the PlateSales verification email ?

Upon sign up (registration) users may have some concerns with the verification email sent to a seemingly empty email inbox. However as each set-up is different, users are then directed to their spam box to which they will find the PlateSales verification email - admin@platesales.com.au

Simply click to verify and you are ready to go!


How do users know or (hint) for a legitimate sale ?

Note: All plates listed with PlateSales has been screened & approved to avoid any negative or unauthorised content.

PlateSales encourages users to display a photo (Image) of their number plates or plate, to provide more legitimacy between buyer and seller. 

If suspicions arise about a possible replica or fake, you are urged check their papers from department of transport or even download the (rego-check App) to see if its currently registered.

(Queensland plates) have a PPQ stamp of approval in the bottom right hand corner, however still being able to replicate, QLD department of transport are soon to be manufacturing standard & personalised plates with a hologram of “QLD” in three different places on the plate, proving its legitimacy.

How do I transfer number plate ownership?

Transferring your number plates to a new owner is relatively easy. Simply complete a Transfer form of Ownership and exchange it for payment with the buyer. This process is very similar to selling a vehicle. You are simply transferring the 'Rights to Display' your particular combination of characters. PL8Sales Tip: Remember, never hand over a completed Transfer of Ownership form without first receiving payment in full.
When possible, we suggest meeting the buyer in person at a local traffic authority office to make the exchange as smooth as possible. This will also allow you to register new plates for your vehicle at the same time, if required. For complete peace of mind, contact your states department of transport and they can confirm the seller is actually the current owner of the plates. See links below to download relevant transfer form.

Transferring Ownership

1.     Download a Transfer of Ownership form (see links below)

2.     Complete and sign the form, including your licence number

3.     Exchange payment for the completed Transfer of Ownership form

Transfer Forms AUS wide: