• How do I search for plates for sale?

    Finding your perfect plates on the PL8Sales platform is easy. You can browse through number plates in different categories or use our search bar to find number plates matching your desired characters.


    1.     Enter your search term into the search bar that appears

    2.     Hit Enter to perform your search

    How do I receive payment from the buyer?

    PL8Sales offers a safe and secure messaging system to communicate with users. All negotiations are between buyers and sellers directly, as PL8Sales does not take any commissions or fees from the sale of your personalised number plates.

    Once you have agreed on a price, we recommend meeting the buyer at a local Traffic Authority office. This makes the transfer of ownership and collecting payment very easy. If that's not possible, only hand over a completed Transfer of Ownership form once payment has been received in full.


     How do I edit my listing?

    1.     Login to your PL8Sales account

    2.     Click on your profile & select “my plates” – “selling” and simply click to edlit or remove.

    3.     Update your listing details and click Save

    You may update your item as often as you like — including description and asking price.

     Do you make number plates?

    We do not manufacture number plates.

    To purchase a new number plate design and attach them to your registered vehicle, please contact your states traffic authority.


    Do I have to pay a commission or ongoing fees?

    Absolutely not — after the initial listing fee, there is no more to pay. No ongoing fees, no hidden costs and no commissions to pay. You keep 100% of your sale.


    How do I list my number plates?

    Listing your number plates for sale is very quick & easy. Simply follow the prompts on the homepage & click the “Sell” icon. Proceed to create a PL8Sales account upon user registration and list as many plates as you please with a PL8Sales onetime listing fee.